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Technical analysis tool with charts for crypto trading on Bybit

When it can be useful

It can be used as an additional tool for determining the entry point into a trade when a level (or trend line) is broken, a rebound from a level, or when working with large limit orders.

How does it work

For work, the public API of the cryptocurrency exchanges is used. Coins from the spot and/or futures market can be selected for tracking.

All user settings (drawn custom figures, set sound notifications about price levels, currently selected timeframe, chart display mode, currently selected coin) are saved in user browser.

List of coins

A table with a list of all coins in the right area of the window.

Favorites - coins of interest can be added to separate lists (up to six)

🔔 - browser notifications. Column is displayed if there is at least one notification.

1h, 4h, 1d - enabled by default analyzed intervals. Also can be enabled in settings 15m, 30m intervals. These columns indicate the distance from the current price to the nearest price level. Sorting in ascending order is possible.

T (trend) - distance from the current price to the nearest trend line in percent. Sorting in ascending order is possible. By default, trends are tracked on all analyzed intervals. In the settings it is possible to disable / enable certain intervals. If all intervals are off, then the column is not shown in the list. If more than one interval is enabled, then on the first click it sorts by all timeframes, on the second and on the next clicks, the sorting is switched by the enabled timeframes in order (the timeframe is indicated next to "T").

O (order) - distance from the current price to the nearest large limit order in percent. Sorting in ascending order is possible. To determine whether the order is large, it is compared with a threshold volume specially calculated for each coin.

V (volume) - the volume of the last candle relative to the average volume. Sorting in descending order is possible. The parameters of the average volume are defined in the settings.

Δ (delta) - price change in percentage within the interval enabled in the settings. If no interval is selected in the settings, the column is not shown. Calculated as ((close - open) / open) * 100%.

P (price) - average price change in percent for the selected timeframe for the period specified in the settings (the period is specified by the number of candles in the selected timeframe). For this indicator, the relative change for each timeframe is calculated as (high - low) / low and then the average value is calculated as the sum of all changes divided by the number of candles in the period. This value can be used to estimate the volatility of the coin.

TOP orders table

Table below the list of coins. The table displays the 10 largest orders on each side (ASK, BID) from range +-5% of the price sorted by price. If there is a smaller number in this range, then all are displayed.

At the left edge of the table, a horizontal chart of order volumes is displayed, each column of which corresponds to the volume of the order at this price. Large volumes are highlighted in yellow and purple. Purple color highlights orders whose volume is greater than the threshold volume (also drawn as a purple price level on the chart).

The threshold volume can be calculated automatically based on the parameters specified in the settings, or it can be set its own value for each coin.

Automatic detection of threshold volume

If a fixed value is not set, then the threshold volume is calculated as the product of the average volume and multiplier specified in the settings. An example of the average volume values can be seen by setting the multiplier in the settings equal to 1.

Average volume is the average value of the volumes of all orders from the TOP, the volume of which is greater than the median value for excluding extreme values.


It is possible to display from one to four charts of one coin in one window.

Support and resistance levels and trends are drawn automatically. Levels and trends crossed by the price change color to gray. Crossed levels and trends (gray) persist between sessions, by first click on button in the interface are deleted only for the current coin, on the second click they are deleted for all coins.

Drawing of several types of figures is available: segment, ray, price level, Fibonacci levels, price channels. Deleting a shape is done with the right mouse button, deleting all custom shapes - by clicking on the button in the interface.

On the daily timeframe, only daily levels are displayed, on the four-hour - daily and four-hour, on the hour and less, all levels are displayed.

The levels of higher timeframes on the chart of lower timeframes are highlighted with a line thickness, for example, on an hourly chart, hourly levels are lines of 1 pixel thickness, four-hour levels are lines of 2 pixels, daily levels are 3 pixels.

Large limit orders are drawn with purple levels. The beginning of the order line is at the point at which the order was placed in the order book. If the order was placed before the app was launched, then the line starts from the moment the tool is turned on.

Tool description


F1 - help

Esc - cancel drawing / close dialog box

← → - switching the timeframe of the selected chart

↑ ↓ - switch between coins in the list

Tab - switching between charts if more than one chart display mode is selected

+/- increase/decrease the chart scale

Shift + click on chart - measure tool

Shift - cancel drawing mode, remove measure tool

F6 - first click - deleting crossed levels and trends of the current coin, second click - same for all coins.

F7 - drawing price alerts.

F8 - drawing price levels.

Shift + F9 - remove all price alerts.

Letters/numbers - ticker search